June 19, 2002

My good friend Tiago Jacinto launched his new weblog : www.deconstruct.tk
How hu...... dEUS are fucking shaite..... I just needed to say that! Have a nice day.

June 16, 2002

No updates, no updates, no updates, I've been studing over the last week, so there's not much time update this..... babay!

June 02, 2002

Check out this great site from Brasil.

Did you enjoy the loading thingy?
I have been downloading some Tenacious D songs, and man.... they are fucking hilarious!
Yesterday I was talking with some guy and he told me that a have a weird taste in music, well thanks a lot! That's the best thing you can say about my choice in music!
Looks like Dave Grohl is now an official member of Queens of Stone Age, wich is pretty cool, now he's part of Foo Fighters and QOTSA, two of my favorite bands.

May 31, 2002

Server change finished...... wufff.... i'm glad I found this server quickly!
There's some content to upload, I'm gonna leave that for tomorrow.

May 26, 2002

I spent the entire weekend playing Red Alert 2.... thats not normal..... it's just fun!

May 18, 2002

I enjoyed Attack of the Clones a lot! It's not childish like Episode I, and the action scenes are just stunning. I enjoyed the fact that Lucas concentrated a lot of the action in the city/planet Coruscant, the architecture was just amazing. The only flaw is the acting, like the guy that plays Anakin... he's just awfull!

Yay! Check this out!!!! alternativeyouth.com was reviewed and accepted by Cool web Design !!!

May 17, 2002

The Matrix Reloaded/Revolutions is defenatly a turn on !

Shut the fuck up!

May 13, 2002

I don't understand this hype surrounding the new Moby album.... I mean, after all that promotion around the previous album, I cannot stand the guy anymore! His music was allover, even in beer adds, how fucked up is that?

Check ou the new Flying High by Sérgio P..

May 12, 2002

First it was yellow, then it got red... then grey.... finally it got green! Welcome to the new version of frontoff.
Feel free to comment the new look!

May 08, 2002

YAY! The Matrix Sequels!

May 07, 2002

May The Force Be With You

May 02, 2002

New sites (by me):
Projecto V
New sites (by other people):
No Filter
Kaliber 10000
End Effect

April 17, 2002

I just saw The Two Towers preview ! Too bad it only premieres in December :( . You can dowload it here (preview) or here(trailer).

April 14, 2002

Check out the new iToliet !

My latest work : brunoparente.com .

March 29, 2002

republica asseptica is the place to be :) .
I've update Alternative Youth, it now allows you to comment the articles and send your own stories !

March 26, 2002

Go see Withdrawn From Circulation now!

March 23, 2002

This week has been a living hell, i'm not going to say why, but today is good news day:

March 17, 2002

Oh no.... a nightmare becoming real :( ....

March 16, 2002

Check out the new mono¨cromatica website. mono¨cromatica is a portuguese music label that publishes mostly electronic music.

March 15, 2002

nin rocks

March 13, 2002

It has been a while since I posted news.... I've been very busy lately. cool.online.pt added alternativeyouth.com to their database :) !

February 10, 2002

2 exams left.... I've been doing some work lately, no complex shit, just a very simple wallpaper and a flash anim.
I've been trying to figure out what to do with Alternative Youth, and I think I found a solution.

January 27, 2002

Im currently on study break. I've been listening to the Strokes, New Order and the Gotan Project a lot. Haven't done much browsing cuz time does not allow me :( . Im currently working on 3 projects: a portfolio for an archictect, the portal for the students association of my college and an online shop for a friend of my mine who owns a computer store.

January 04, 2002

FRONTOFF has moved =) . This will be the new url for a while, I have no intention to move it because Final Reality is the best server in the world =) . Alternative Youth will also move to this server soon.
So it's exams season.... I *NEED* to start working studying soon, probably today....... I am already sick of staying at home all the time... I need to start getting out man. I also spending too much time on the internet man, gotta stop it... how about now? OK! Bye bye!

January 02, 2002

New year, new inspiration. Im remodeling Alternative Youth, I'm also changing servers very soon, and this site will moved too, the new url will be frontoff.alternativeyouth.com util I get money to register a .com domain.
Check out the data section to see the new wallpaper, it's just a photo manipulation.

Also check out Endorfina.net, experimental playground of Tiago Jacinto.

December 28, 2001

The Christmas hangover is now gone !
The Lord of the Rings movie was a very good surprise! I absolutely loved it! I am now a J.R.R. Tolkien fan!
My sister gave me the Dune DVD for X-mas :) Haven't seen it yet!

December 18, 2001

It's almost Christmas, so I decided to buy myself a little gift, so I bought the Star Wars I - The Phantom Menace DVD. I didn't enjoy it the first time I saw it, but this time it was different! The DVD has a lot of extras, I took me like 2 afternoons to watch the hole thing...
I still didn't have the change to pull my computer to the max... but Im having a good time playing games at 1280x1024 :D .
Friday is Lord Of The Rings day! I already have tickets for it :) I can't wait....

December 10, 2001

So here's what's going on.... I just got my new computer, so I have been playing with it like crazy, that means that I no time to do my normal stuff, like updating FRONTOFF.
I got some bad news from my hosting service... it will only be free until February.... unless I pay something like $50 this site will be deleted.... Im going to have to think about this. I dont want this site to end so soon. Besides I cant find another hosting company as good as this one.... *snif*

December 02, 2001

Go check out hybrid.5 version 2. Looks very good :) .

Looks like the dudes from Kaliber 10000 decided to delay the release of the new look for another month :\ .

November 29, 2001

Check out Paulo Ribeiros playground. Very interesting work :) .

I went to see the the Dalai Lama yesterday. Actually I didn't quite see him, at least directly :( .
What's up with famous people allways getting inside buildings through the back door? Anyway I saw him talking about the mind, religion and science, it was quite an interesting experience. It's not everyday you get to see someone like the Dalai Lama. Oh.... I almost forgot: FUCK CHINA!

November 27, 2001

I saw a showcase of dEUS last night, its was pretty cool. Besides the music, I also learned that turtles live for 300 hundred years!! Isn't that interesting?

November 22, 2001

Maria had a conversation with Madrugada last month, when they came to Portugal for a concert. Check it out on Alternative Youth.

November 21, 2001

Thanks to all the people that checked out this site!
Please check out the new version of NOFILTER by Tiago J.

November 19, 2001

This is great! Finally when I got everything online f2s.com decides to take my site down! Now wtf is that!!!!!

November 18, 2001

Up and running :) . I hope I didn't screw up :| .

November 17, 2001

This is so cool! It's Pong in another point of view!
Frontoff version 2.0 is is almost finished, all I have to do now is the links section and retouching two wallpapers :). Tomorrow it will be online.

November 15, 2001

Yeah! I found my old homepage, it was called mars landing party..... what the hell was I thinking ? Dude that shit is so bad.... :P

I started working on new stuff two days ago, the artwork is almost finished, but there are some details missing, im hoping on put the new page online next week :).

October 31, 2001

It has been I while since I wrote here. My computer is all fucked up so I haven't done anything in the last month. Im counting on buying a new one a few weeks.
Yesterday I bought the new Bush CD, Golden State, it sounds heavier than the last records, witch is pretty cool. I have to review it for alternativeyouth.com. I still can't think of anything for the new Lamb cd review.... I thing Im gonna ask someone else to write it. It's not like I like the record or anything....
Time to go....

September 26, 2001

Australian INFront has a new look. Check out the EXPERIMENTADESIGN conferences that are taking place in Lisbon, if you're in the area you cant miss it! I wont =).

September 25, 2001

This is fucking AMAZING!!!!!

September 24, 2001

Joshua Davis is back with new stuff...

September 23, 2001

Cant wait to see Steven Spielberg's Artificial Inteligence, the trailer is awesome.

September 22, 2001

Hum... Nine Inch Nails are so fucking cool, cant stop hearing this b-sides bootleg "Beyond The Spiral"

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